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GYSIN Gearbox reducer GYSIN focus on precision gear and gear reducer, main products: GYSIN gear, GYSIN planetary gear, GYSIN worm reducer, GYSIN gear box, GYSIN planetary reducer, GYSIN worm gear reducer. Widely used in various industries of transmission technology, including robotics, medical equipment, optics, petroleum and natural gas, aviation and aerospace, heavy industry, etc.

GYSIN main models: GPL016, GPL022, GPL026, GPL032, GPL032P, GPL042, GPL042K, GPL052, GPL065, GPL080, GPL080, GPL065, GSR 012, GSR017, GSR025.

The design features of the GYSIN gearbox are: compact structure, lightweight, miniaturization, optimal power / weight ratio, low noise, high efficiency, pinion backlash and long service life.


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