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HIMMEL Drive Technology, one of the brands of Neudecker & Jolitz group, was acquired in 2004. It is an expert in the field of motor production, gear design and automation. Its motor power can reach 50kW, and the gear torque can reach 28000Nm. It has passed the DIN EN ISO9001 system certification, and is the most economical solution for the development and production of control system.
HIMME gearbox is widely used in motor. It is often used in wind turbines. It is also an important mechanical part. Its main function is to transmit the power generated by the wind turbine under the action of wind to the generator and make it get the corresponding speed. Usually, the speed of the wind turbine is very low, far from the speed required by the generator, and it must be realized by the gear box gear pair's speed increasing effect. Therefore, the gearbox is called the speed increasing box.
HIMMEL product range: HIMMEL motor, HIMMEL gearbox, HIMMEL gear motor, HIMMEL reducer, HIMMEL controller, HIMMEL submersible pump.
HIMMEL motor KF65-A90LI4-L8N Nr:2230000755
HIMMEL motor KF34-A90SH4-L8N Nr:2230041954
HIMMEL motor SF11K- (90) Nr 2010000130
HIMMEL gearbox SF01-G56S4-E1N
HIMMEL deceleration motor CA10-G56M4 Artikel-Nr.2010001924
HIMMEL motor + reducer LF015-A90L4 (Motor:1.5KW) EA:1 S/N:22211/3

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