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 A.u.K.M u ller

A.U.K.MULLER A.u.K.M u ller

A.u.K.M ller GmbH & Co KG was founded in Germany in 1919 and has been in its history for nearly a hundred years. A. U. K. M ller has over 60 years experience in developing customer oriented and solenoid valves, control equipment and special valves. From its original family business, it has grown to be a respected international leading valve manufacturer. The main products include: A.u.K.M u ller solenoid valve, A.u.K.M u ller ball valve, A.u.K.M u ller servo electromagnetic valve, A.u.K.M u ller cartridge valve, A.u.K.M u ller floating ball valve, A.u.K.M u trap pipe valve, and u drain valve. AUK.MULLER float valve, A. U. K. M u ller turbine valve, A. U. K. M u ller flowmeter and so on. With many years of experience, a company's wide range of products can formulate solutions based on the specific needs of customers.

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