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 MDC Vacuum

MDC Vacuum MDC Vacuum

Founded in 1975, MDC is the world leader in vacuum and ceramic sealing solutions. It has been serving the vacuum industry and meeting the growing demand with high quality vacuum components, fast delivery speed and reasonable price. Today, MDC is a leading manufacturer of process solutions, active in high pressure and ultra-high pressure vacuum, ceramic, metal bonding and gas delivery. Products include flanges, fittings, valves, hardware roughing, vacuum measurement, motion and control instruments, film equipment, standard line of vacuum chamber, ceramic metal penetrator, optical and blister, analytical vehicle and gas transmission solution.
MDC main products:
MDC flange, MDC vacuum valve, MDC vacuum gauge, MDC vacuum flange, MDC sealing flange, MDC vacuum electrode, MDC flange electrode, MDC driver, MDC gate valve, MDC butterfly valve, MDC vacuum pump, evacuated vacuum hose.
MDC product model:
MDC flange 9212001 coax BNC 1pin Grnd DS 275
MDC flange 9212002 coax BNC 2pin Grnd DS 2.75
MDC flange 9212003 coax BNC 3pin Grnd DS 2.75
MDC flange 9212004 coax BNC 4Pin Grnd DS 2.75
MDC flange 9924003 conn pushon 0.094 dia 10pk
MDC flange 9312032 TC FDT K 3PR MC DS 2.73
MDC flange 9312030 TC FDT K 2PR MC DS 2.75 DS
MDC flange electrode MC3-250CC16 P/N:9452001
MDC vacuum linear actuator HTBLM-133-1 660036813115

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