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Kendrion Kendrion

Germany Kendrion N.V. global advanced electromagnetic and Mechatronics solutions

Kendrion N.V. is a supplier of high quality electromagnetic and electromechanical systems and component solutions, developed and manufactured. It focuses on specific market segments, namely, industrial magnetic system, industrial control system and industrial drive system, and automotive system, vehicle control system, traction system and heavy duty system.

KENDRION develops advanced electromagnetic and Mechatronics solutions for industrial and automotive applications. These customers are used all over the world, such as elevator, door lock system, industrial robot, medical appliance, electrical switch box system, diesel and gasoline engine, air conditioning installation, motor cooling system and beverage vending machine system.

The products have the following categories.
I. KENDRION industrial magnetic system

Industrial magnetic system development, production and sales are turning to locks, holding, locking, spreading, controlling and vibrating electromagnets for industrial applications, with emphasis on standards and customization solutions and development. Solenoid valve is mechanical engineering, safety technology, material processing, medical engineering, high and low pressure engineering is mainly used, and in the elevator technology.

KENDRION industrial magnetic products:
KENDRION linear electromagnet
> frame electromagnet > high-performance electromagnet > Mono / bistable electromagnet > lock electromagnet > AC single electromagnet > electromagnet at one stroke > reversible electromagnet > control electromagnet > explosion-proof electromagnet.
KENDRION oscillating electromagnet
> arc vibrator > linear vibrator > inline vibrator > vibrating electromagnet > bottle electromagnet.
KENDRION elevator brake electromagnet
> overview of elevator solenoid > single action elevator electromagnet > double acting elevator electromagnet
KENDRION electrically controlled magnet
Electrically controlled magnet > electrically controlled permanent magnet
KENDRION gated magnet

Two. KENDRION industrial drive system

Industrial transmission system development and production of electromechanical brake and clutch industrial transmission technology. Applications are designed to accelerate, decelerate, locate, hold and protect removable drive components and loads. They are mainly used in robotics and automation technology, in machine tools and production machines, in machine processing and elevator technology.

KENDRION permanent magnet brake
> high torque (high torque) single disc brakes > conventional single disc brakes.
KENDRION spring brake clutch
> KOBRA- safety disc brake > flexible single disc brake > classic single disc / multi disc brake > compact single disc brake > AC- single disc brake > single disc brake flat shape > single disc brake module > elevator brake > operating current brake > explosion proofreading brake.
KENDRION rectifier & energy saving module
> energy saving module and clutch.

Three, KENDRION passenger car system

The passenger car system is the world's leading partner in the automotive industry. Products specific to customers, such as solenoid valves or solenoid valves, can be developed into a wide variety of applications. In addition, electromagnetic components for hydraulic systems are also developed and produced.

KENDRION diesel common rail valve
> high pressure valve > pressure control valve > volume control valve > pressure limiter valve.
KENDRION gasoline high pressure valve
> high pressure pneumatic valve > 2/2 on-off valve > 3/2, on-off valve.
KENDRION hydraulic valve
> 2/2 proportional valve > 2/2 switch valve > 3/2, switch valve.
> permanent magnet brake > electromagnetic brake.
KENDRION amplitude electromagnet
> proportional electromagnet > switch electromagnet > control electromagnet.
KENDRION hydraulic electromagnet
> proportional solenoid > switch solenoid

Four, KENDRION commercial vehicle braking system

The business unit of the commercial vehicle brake system is part of the German division's vehicle. The commercial vehicle system develops and manufactures systems for components and commercial and special vehicle applications worldwide. KENDRION, as a leader in technology and innovation, is widely praised for its goal of setting standards for future customers. This is based on partnership with customers and partners to lay the foundation for sustainable success.

KENDRION engine cooling system
> 1 speed fan clutch > 2 speed fan clutch > 3 speed fan clutch > pneumatic control fan clutch > angle gear box > fans for engine cooling system > cooling unit.
KENDRION compressor clutch
Install air conditioning compressor clutch > install air conditioning compressor clutch.
KENDRION belt drive system
Torsional vibration damper, alternator > torsional vibration damper crankshaft > tensioning and deflection roller > comprehensive damping idler.
Auxiliary unit switchable clutch
> air compressor electromagnetic clutch > pneumatic clutch > hydraulic clutch > electromagnetic clutch auxiliary unit.
KENDRION fire protection technology
> shut down - speed regulator > Close - speed controller and locking device > Close - speed regulator with locking device and electrical opening aid > shut down speed regulator electronic control system.
KENDRION clutch / brake combination
> clutch brake combination > no brake electromagnet double clutch.

Five, KENDRION heavy duty system

Customized project solutions for commercial vehicle sector

KENDRION pressure switch
> air pressure switch > hydraulic pressure switch > low oil level pressure switch.
> diesel general railway valves > hydraulic valves > gasoline valves > pneumatic valves.
KENDRION circuit breaker
Mini blade mountain circuit breaker > standard stud circuit breaker.
KENDRION fan drive AC compressor clutch
Fan drive & AC compressor clutch
KENDRION actuator
Parking lock actuator

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