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 France Crouzet (Gao North)

France Crouzet (Gao North) Crouzet

[ Crouzet France Crouzet (switch) relay - The leading manufacturers of automatic sensor control components are Crouzet switches, Crouzet micro switches, Crouzet limit switches, Crouzet proximity switches, Crouzet relays, Crouzet solid state relays, Crouzet counters, Crouzet timer, Crouzet tachometer, Crouzet temperature controller, Crouzet controller, Crouzet motor, and motor. Crouzet, France, is a multinational company based on the production of automatic control products. Its electronic control components and mechanical and electrical products play a key role in all aspects of the automatic control system, such as sensing, detection, monitoring, execution and interface. They are widely used in many industries such as chemical fiber, chemical, medical, numerical control, food and so on. Other products include micro motor, universal controller (small PLC), pneumatic logic element, switch and so on.

Crouzet brand custom sensor and technology are the leading manufacturers of automatic control components, serving the global industry, aviation and transportation industries. With more than 80 years of experience and expertise in electronics, mechatronics and magnetic technology, gones solves the full spectrum of automation functions - remote sensing, monitoring, starting and processing communications - through microtubules, micromotors, sensors, location wide range sensors, solid state relays, and pneumatic products. The whole industry recognized response, flexible service; Gones can customize its products to match the specifications of OEM manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, distributors and integrators. We work closely with customers through the cultural drive of customer satisfaction, to determine their exact technology and cost requirements, and to formulate the best solution suitable for their applications. At the forefront of technology, the strategy of high north is based on continuous innovation. We spend 7% of our annual revenue on research and development. To cope with the stringent requirements of the aerospace and industrial markets, he also established a continuously improving policy through aggressive quality management. Gao North uses eco design into its process and ensures that we comply with environmental directives, including RoHS directive and REACH regulations. It also accords with environmental, health and safety work ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification. The pursuit of excellence in quality and performance, as well as staff and management commitment to quality, safety, environment (QSE) and sustainable development, helps manufacturers Crouzet to ensure the quality of the French awards and, in the "company and Affiliated Companies" category, won the French mobile quality (MFQ) in 2008.

Crouzet, France, has four major products, including switches, motors, electronic control products and pneumatic components. The specific products are as follows:

1. Crouzet counters -- tachometer (including preselected positive and negative counter, accumulator with LCD display, electronic mechanical pulse counter, preselected speedometer, hour counter, etc.)

2. The Crouzet timer (including digital timer and analog timer) can be output with multiple relays or solid-state relays to achieve up to 13 functional timing modes.

3. Crouzet C-Lynx control relays (including all kinds of voltage controlled relays, current controlled relays, phased control relays, phase sequence controlled relays, liquid level control relays, motor thermal protection relays, speed control relays, three-phase and single-phase pump control relays, elevator temperature control relays, phase control relays)

4, the North Crouzet solid state relay (including single-phase and multi-phase solid state relay, the control voltage is 4-32V and 90-280V, the working current range is 5A-90A, the working voltage range is <24-280V, 36-530V, 48-660V>).

5. Crouzet temperature controller (size 48X48 and 24X48, temperature range -100 degrees C -2000 C, RS485 communication serial port, input T/C or RTD)

6, the North's Crouzet convex timer (including 6-22 loops, 2-4 loops, 1-2 loops, 1-3 loops).

7. Crouzet limit switches (various standard styles)

8. The Crouzet switch (capacitance and inductance), 2 lines DC and AC, 3 lines DC and AC, can detect metal, liquid, powder and so on.

9, the standard Crouzet PLC (universal controller) standard is 8 IN/4 OUT and 12 IN/8 OUT. It can carry out I/O port expansion, with digital and analog input, relay / transistor output optional. 220vac/24vac/24vdc/12vdc power supply. Remote communication Modbus RS485, based on the WINDOWS interface functional block programming RS485, and programming is simple, convenient and easy to understand.

10. Crouzet microswitch (standard type)

11. Crouzet motors (various DC, synchronous, asynchronous, stepper motors)

The main models of Crouzet in France are 0004, 84870003, 84870002, 848700001, PB-4, PB-8, PB-16, PB-24, IDC5, IDC15, IDC24, ODC5, ODC15, IAC5, IAC24, PB-8, PB-16, PB-24, x, C, C, C, C, C, C, C, C, C, C, C, C, 4210054, 9211759 and 9211745.

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