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[ PEDROLLO PEDROLLO pump, PEDROLLO deep water pump, PEDROLLO submersible pump, PEDROLLO vortex pump, PEDROLLO centrifugal pump, PEDROLLO multistage pump, PEDROLLO vertical pump, PEDROLLO stainless steel pump, PEDROLLO self suction pump, PEDROLLO bronze pump, PEDROLLO sewage pump. PEDROLLO SPA (Italy Pedro), founded in 1974, has now become the world's landmark enterprise in the field of water treatment.

PEDROLLO SPA (Italy Pedro), founded in 1974, has now become the world's landmark enterprise in the field of water treatment. The factory occupies an area of 90000 square meters, and the production process adopts high technology and modern equipment. Both in terms of capital input and quality control, it has been in the forefront of the same industry.

PEDROLLO produces nearly 2000000 pumps a year, and its products are sold to 160 countries to determine its status in the international market.

PEDROLLO pump series has more than 50 varieties (drainage pump, deep well pump and ground pump), covering the fields of family, civil, agriculture and industry.

PEDROLLO SPA is an industrial company whose product superiority is based on the definite and tangible product reality.

[PEDROLLO pump PEDROLLO deep water pump PEDROLLO sewage pump PEDROLLO submersible pump]

PEDROLLO main products:

Deep water pumps, PEDROLLO submersible pumps, PEDROLLO vortex pumps, PEDROLLO centrifugal pumps, PEDROLLO multistage pumps, PEDROLLO vertical pumps, PEDROLLO stainless steel pumps, PEDROLLO self priming pumps, PEDROLLO bronze pumps, PEDROLLO sewage pumps and other products.

PEDROLLO its series of models include: PK, PQ, PQA, PV, CP, HF, NGA, F, NF, 2CP, F,,,,,,...,,,,,...,,,,...,,,,,...,,,,,...,

Pedrollo Pedro PQ60, PQM60, PK, PKM, 3-4CP, 3CR and so on.

Whirlpool impeller pump type: PK60\PK65\PK70\PK80\PK100\PK90\PK200\PK300

PEDROLLO superior products include:

Sewage pump (stainless steel, polymeric material), machine tool pump, stainless steel deep well pump.

Eddy current pump series: PK series; PQ series; PQ3000 series; PQA series; PV series.

The series of centrifugal pumps: CP series; CP220 series; CP DIN series; HF LOW series; CP DIN series; HF HIGH series; NGA series; HIGH series; Qi series.

Multistage pump series: 2CP series; 3-4CP series.

Vertical pump series: VL2 series; VL4 series; VLE2 series; VLE4 series.

Stainless steel pump series: AL-RED series; PRO-NGA series; 3-4CR series; JCR series.

Self priming pump series: PKS series; JSW1 series; JSW2 series; JSW3 series; PLURIJET series; JDW_ 2 series; JDW_ 3 series; JDW_ 4 series; CK series; CKR series.

Bronze pump series: BZ series.

Deep well pump series: 4 BLOCK Series; 4SK series; 5SK series; 4SR series; 6SR series; SUMO2 series; SUMO4 series

Submersible pump series: D series; DC series; MC_ 1045 series; MC_ 1550 series; MC series; MC-I series; PMC series; PVXC series; RX series; RX_ VORTEX series; TOP_ FLOOR series; TOP series; TOP_ VORTEX series; VX series; VXC_ 1550 series; VXC series; VX-I series; ZD series; ZX series; TOP_ MULTI series.

Italy Pedro PEDROLLO pumps are mainly used for machine tools, machinery, water circulation, swimming pools, boilers, humidifiers, central air conditioning, water supply and drainage, fountains, apartments and so on.

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