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Waterlund WATLOW

[ WATLOW WATLOW heater WATLOW sensor WATLOW controller WATLOW watts is the world's largest manufacturer of industrial heaters, sensors, controllers and related proprietary software. Waterlund's production base and sales network all over the world.

WATLOW has applied its own expertise in heating to provide high-quality professional services for solar photovoltaic, semiconductor industry, analytical instruments and medical equipment industry, plastics processing industry, food service equipment industry and aerospace industry.

The Waterlund WATLOW rod heater can be inserted into the hole, used as an immersion heater directly into the liquid or protective tank, and can also be installed in pipes or containers.

WATLOW tubular heater can be used in different ways. It can be fixed on a heated object (such as containers and water tanks). It is installed on the groove pressure platen, making complex geometry, directly immersing in heated liquid or installing it in a conduit to heat air and gas.

WATLOW flexible heaters are often used to heat irregular surfaces, shapes and pipes. These heaters can be combined or fastened to components and are usually used to prevent frostbite.

Waterlund WATLOW has a wide range of circulating heaters, ranging from small polymer tubes to large high-pressure heaters with a flow rate of up to 20 gallons / cents. These heaters can be applied to liquids or gases to maintain process temperature and the temperature needed to fight pollution.

The Waterlund WATLOW air heater can be used to prevent the electrical and mechanical enclosure from freezing and condensation, or to heat the air in a conduit.

WATLOW high temperature heaters are suitable for all kinds of ultra high temperature systems such as furnaces and temperature control rooms. .

WATLOW special heaters are usually used in high temperature or high watt density heating systems. These multifunctional heating elements can be applied to precision heating systems after mechanical cutting and processing.

The WATLOW thermocouple is most suitable for applications in high temperature, extreme environments or in need of micro sensors. Waterlund supplies various configurations, including general application hose and wire thermocouple working at temperatures of up to 900 F (480 degree C), mineral insulated base metals and precious metal thermocouples that can operate at temperatures of 2300 degrees F (1260 degrees C), and high temperature thermocouples that can operate at temperatures up to 3100 degrees F (1700 degrees C).

The WATLOW integrated multifunctional controller is a new instrument that integrates temperature, process and mechanical control, high temperature and low limit protection, high current power conversion, safe disconnection and field communication in a single loop. Various types of die package and screen type make it easy and reliable to replace multiple components with single module.

WATLOW temperature and process controllers are widely used in various industrial, scientific and commercial applications. The controller can automatically adjust output according to sensor feedback and control process variables such as temperature, flow rate, pressure and relative humidity together, achieving the best and stable process simultaneously.

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