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[ SYNTRON [SYNTRON] heavy duty electromagnetic feeder, SYNTRON heavy motor feeder, SYNTRON light feeder, SYNTRON idler, SYNTRON roller bracket, SYNTRON bunker vibrator, SYNTRON heavy controller, SYNTRON light controller. SYNTRON provides mature engineering products and complete material delivery system solutions.

Syntron Material Handling was formerly the Ministry of materials transportation system under FMC Technologies group. FMC Technologies Group acquired the Syntron and link-Belt brand in 1967 and established the material transportation division. After nearly 50 years of development, Syntron and link-Belt have become the leading brands in the industry. In order to focus more on the R & D and manufacture of materials conveying system equipment, the Syntron Material Handling group was established in May 2014. Syntron Material Handling has extended the traditional advantages of Syntron (Sheng Chuang) and link-Belt (linkband) brand under the development of FMC Technologies group, and has strong global technological strength. Professional R & D team can provide personalized product design and service for global customers.

A kind of More than 30 years of experience, engineers and local professional technical experts provide technical assurance.

A kind of One stop service, from feasibility study, scene investigation, equipment selection and design, installation and after-sales service, to reduce customer's trouble in purchasing, using and maintaining.

A kind of Strong localization technology support to ensure fast feedback to customers.

A kind of A highly executive project team is responsible for customer orders through a unique project management mode.

A kind of Global uniform quality standards ensure product stability and durability in extreme environments.

A kind of The company has passed the ISO9001:2008 certification of DNV.

Let Syntron MaterialHandling rich material handling equipment design and application experience help you to carry out a series of operations such as transmission, feeding, screening, upgrading, material vibration and bulk product conveying control. Whether you need to optimize existing systems or customize new products for factories, mines and surface materials, Syntron professional technicians and strong business teams will provide you with the most effective and cost-effective solutions.

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