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Power authorized dealer in China - Power transformer / cooling fan / magnetic core / temperature relay

Publication time: 2018-12-03 13:26

Power authorized dealer in China: Shanghai Yin Xu mechanical and electrical equipment Limited by Share Ltd

Power transformer / cooling fan / magnetic core / temperature relay

Power is a young and dynamic manufacturer of foundry resin transformers and transformer components and accessories in Poland.

After the production of magnetic cores, Power gradually expanded its product range and became a reliable partner in the foundry resin transformer market.

With nearly 10 years of technical experience and flexible management, Power provides high quality standards and special applications for casting resin transformers at a reasonable price in a short time.

 Power authorized dealers in China

Power authorized dealers in China

Power casting resin transformer

Cast resin transformer represents an alternative solution to power distribution in medium voltage applications.

Compared with traditional oil filled transformers, the advantages of cast resin transformers are obvious:

Minimum fire risk

The materials used to produce cast resin transformers are hardly flammable and can be defined as self extinguishing. This is why there is no need for any special fireproof coating for this type of transformer. In addition, the emission of toxic and opaque smoke is very low in case of fire. These advantages make foundry resin transformers a perfect choice for safe and vital places, such as hospitals, public places, airports, subway lines, mines, oil drilling platforms, nuclear power stations, ships, etc.

No coolant

Casting resin transformer only needs air cooling. So they hardly need maintenance, and liquid cooled transformers need more attention. This also makes casting resin transformers more environmentally friendly, because no liquid coolant - any chemical component - can be released into the environment.

Easy maintenance

Casting resin insulation ensures the safety of the transformer without complicated and expensive maintenance. Preventive maintenance of casting resin transformer includes simple visual inspection.

Low operating cost

The low loss in magnetic cores and windings reduces operation cost.

Simple installation

Transformer is the key component of power supply network, so its simplicity and rapidity should be kept firmly in mind. Cast resin transformers are easy to install, such as no need for blasting walls. Therefore, the installation plan is simplified and the installation cost is saved.

The advantages of the IP shell

In addition to the traditional transformer bracket, the simple IP housing can also be used to prevent and protect cast resin transformers. IP chassis has different types and colors, depending on customer needs and preferences.

The possibility of significant improvement in performance

By optimizing forced ventilation, the performance is increased by about 40%.

High short time overload capability

The current density in the winding of cast resin transformer is much lower than that of oil immersed transformer. Therefore, short time load peaks can be easily overcome, for example, wind power equipment without the need to plan enough oversize.

high reliability

High technology used in winding manufacturing provides high reliability for products.

Versatile and performance

The cast resin transformer can withstand overload and disturbance during each installation.

The standard product range comes from POWER.SP.zoo distribution casting resin transformer covering 50kVA to 5000kVA. The insulation level is as high as 36kV. It has ecological design, low or standard loss.

 Power authorized dealers in China


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