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How to make an inquiry? Letter to enquiry customer

Publication time: 2015-07-08 16:06

Dear enquiry customers, due to the large amount of information we have received in the near future, in order to handle every inquiry information in time and effectively, and to ensure the authenticity and validity of each inquiry information, and to eliminate all kinds of false information inquiry and impostor inquiry, I hereby decide as follows:

1. all enquiry customers should send an inquiry form by e-mail or fax. After receiving the inquiry, our company will reply to the official offer in 1-2 working days. Our department will not accept oral inquiry and quotation.

2. the contents of the inquiry sheet should include the brand, the specific type, quantity and acceptable delivery period of the product, if the product nameplate or physical picture can be attached to the annex; if there is no specific model, we can not give the quotation.

3. enquiry customers need to keep detailed contact information, such as your company's name, address, contact, fixed telephone, mobile phone, fax, and to ensure that the contact information is authentic and effective. At the same time, when we receive the inquiry information, we will verify the validity of the contact by telephone return visit.

4. in all enquiry sheets, the information of the product is incomplete, and no quotation can be made; no contact is found to be false information and refusal of quotation.

Put an end to false inquiries and impersonate inquiries, starting with you and me!

In addition, our company has opened WeChat public service to support WeChat's inquiry and contract order status inquiries. Please pay attention to WeChat's two-dimensional code below.

Enquiry mailbox: Yinxujidian@163.com CC: Info@yinxu99.com CC: 18964743603@163.com

Fax of enquiry: 021-52102936

Click to download Sample template for inquiry sheet

 Yin Xu WeChat public address


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