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Corporate welfare
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We attach great importance to the management of employees' salaries and benefits, and strive to form a consistent platform for sustainable development, so as to form a consistent recognition of the two sides' goals and achieve common development between enterprises and employees.


Legal holiday
The company has a two-week two-week system, and all employees can enjoy statutory holidays prescribed by the state.
Holiday congratulations
Every year, during the Spring Festival, May 1, Mid Autumn Festival and national day, employees will get welfare products, and female employees will receive special gifts on "38 women's Day".
Social insurance and other insurance
In accordance with the state regulations, the company pays social insurance premiums for employees, including endowment insurance, work-related injury insurance, medical insurance, maternity insurance, unemployment insurance, housing provident fund, and commercial insurance for employees.
Employees' spare time life
The company regularly organizes employees to participate in recreational sports, knowledge competitions and other activities launched by the company, enriching employees' amateur cultural life.
Public holiday
Employees can get paid holidays when approved by the company.
Special vacation
After the end of the probationary period, employees will be entitled to marriage leave, funeral leave, maternity leave and other paid holidays according to the relevant regulations of the state.
The company organizes irregular travel abroad every year.