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management idea
The pursuit of excellence is endless, keeping pace with the times and creating the future.
The pursuit of value is the starting point of our work, creating value is the driving force of our life, and realizing value is our eternal pursuit.
Entrepreneurial passion
The pursuit of life has no end.
Entrepreneurial motivation
Do business with love, and be grateful with your heart.
Work objective

Deep excavation of customer resources is the foundation of our work. Cooperation and interaction are the process of our work. Cost saving, profit maximization, quality service and keeping pace with the times are the focus of our work. Three win is the result of our work.


In the fierce market competition, under the premise of providing quality products, Shanghai Yin Xu mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. knows that only with better service can we win the market, and the innovative service system can create the brand supply enterprises of East China's electromechanical equipment.


In the past sales and marketing process, Yin Xu mechanical and electrical continue to learn lessons, listen to every customer's sincere advice, make timely correction, formulate measures, improve the system's "three steps", at the same time, combined with market changes, widely adopt advanced marketing service consciousness, and inject into the service system of Yin Xu Electromechanical. Only innovation can win the world. Only innovation is the source of the power of enterprises. Only by combining theory with the mainstream needs of today's customers, can we timely launch a service system with its own characteristics, so that we can truly serve our customers. To this end, Shanghai Yin Xu mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. will adhere to abide by the "quality, speed, commitment, service" business philosophy.


Quality - we speak with quality and build brand with sincerity.
Speed - we pursue speed, react quickly and meet customer's needs in time.
Service - we constantly learn and improve to repay customers with the most innovative service system.
Commitment - we stick to commitments, create value and grow with our customers.

Team concept

The goal is the same direction, the weight bearing leads, the tacit trust, the risk sharing.

The company advocates the team spirit of wild goose. Creating the most competitive mechanical and electrical equipment business is the common goal of Shanghai Yin Xu. In the process of achieving this goal, everyone should be loyal to their team, take the heavy burden, exert their potential and work hard, and strive to be a leader in the team. They should trust each other, cooperate tacit, cooperate with each other, be willing to devote themselves to the cause, fight against wind and waves in fierce market competition, and tackle tough problems, and finally realize their own life price while realizing the strategic goals of the development of enterprises. Value.

Innovative idea

Continuous innovation tolerance failure


Sustainable innovation is the source and driving force for the survival and development of enterprises. To create the most competitive mechanical and electrical equipment enterprises, we must create a strong atmosphere for innovation, always support employees' innovation, innovate technology, innovate management, innovate systems and create an environment. We should understand, tolerate, and encourage innovation to become a quality, a spirit and a kind of innovation. Fashion.

Talent concept

People are suitable for their positions.


As long as we are willing and able to work hard and actively contribute to the enterprise, we need talents. In selecting talents, the first consideration is personnel knowledge, skills and post needs, so that they can achieve the best combination and maximize the expertise and ability of each employee.

Quality concept
High standards, meticulous, zero defects, high standards, meticulous and zero defects are the basic requirements for employees and the basic working attitude of employees. High standards are prerequisites. Refinement is the basic requirement. Zero defects are the ultimate goal. The three are interlinked and indispensable.
Marketing concept

Create value for users and win friends for enterprises.


Marketing in twenty-first Century, "advocating value for users" is no longer a simple connotations of business. Instead, it should strive to create value for users that they have not or can not get in their work, so that they can become repeat customers of enterprises and eventually become friends of enterprises.

The concept of clean government

Self cultivation, moral integrity, integrity and reputation


Self cultivation is through continuous learning of all kinds of cultural knowledge and professional skills to improve their overall quality; Li De is to strengthen their self-cultivation, establish a good moral style; integrity is to strictly abide by Party discipline, political discipline and enterprise rules and regulations, honest and self-discipline, withstand temptations, clear things for people, and good reputation in the masses.