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Management quality principle
Users first, provide users with goods and services that meet their requirements.
Quality management objectives

No fake, original authentic.

Provide satisfactory service to users.

Protecting the environment, saving resources, and contributing to the survival of the world and mankind.

Sales of excellent products create excellent talents.

Company commitment

1) provide quality products without cheating, misleading or misleading consumers.

2) within 7 days of receiving the goods, if the company provides effective evidence to prove that the goods are not in conformity with the description or other quality problems, the company will provide refund and change of services.

3) the customer receives the goods for 8-15 days. If the effective evidence is provided to prove the quality of the goods, the company will provide a replacement service.

4) provide perfect after-sales service to avoid disputes.

5) abide by the state laws and regulations and the company system, and must not cheat customers or malicious competition.

Customer protection:

1) fast track for dispute resolution

2) after-sales dispute handling service line;

3) customers need to submit their applications within 15 days after payment.

4) within 7 days, the goods will not be replaced or replaced by quality problems.

5) 8-15 days, quality problems, replacement.

6) the customer must provide relevant evidence, and the quality certificate needs to have the supporting documents that conform to the law.

7) customers need to ensure that goods are not damaged when they return.

The conditions for the application of the "quality assurance" claim by the customer

1) the customer's application for payment should be paid by the "iron arm" payment.

2) the buyer's claim application is in conformity with the relevant laws and regulations in form.

3) the maximum amount of the claim should not exceed the price of the goods and the total postage of the goods.

"Quality assurance" claims application

1) under the premise of meeting third requirements, customers can initiate the application of "quality assurance" compensation through the company's after sales service channel and give reasons.

2) after receiving the "quality assurance" claim, the company has the right to require the parties to provide the necessary proof and confirm and decide according to the coordination requirements.

3) when the company determines the customer's "quality assurance" claim application according to the relevant rules, it returns the corresponding amount of the buyer.

4) after the company receives the "quality assurance" claim from the customer, the two sides cooperate actively and provide relevant certificates within the prescribed time according to the requirements of the company.

5) if the company can effectively prove that its goods are described accurately, the company will return the customer's "quality assurance" claim application.