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corporate culture
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corporate culture

Integrity, steadfast, quality, first-class!

Cooperation and mutual assistance
Combined with professional knowledge, play a team spirit.

Responsibility commitment
Respect the strengths and responsibilities of oneself, and assume the success or failure of teams and individuals.

Be discriminating in one's rewards and punishments
Performance oriented, rewarding and rewarding.

Learning growth
Stimulate their own wisdom and potential, and constantly break through.

Brand culture

Brand Vision
Leading the development direction of the industry and winning the market by brand.

Brand philosophy
Constant innovation is the biggest productivity, but hard work is a great honor.

Brand mission
Build a brand enterprise with a hundred years of development power, improve the service quality of enterprises, and build a platform for employees to realize their value in life.

Enterprise purpose Improve quality and provide high quality service to customers at the best price.
Corporate vision Create China's largest importer of electromechanical equipment spare parts traders
Enterprise mission Industry to serve the country, create value, serve the society and contribute to mankind
Sense of worth Realizing the value of enterprises and employees in dedication
While improving business efficiency and promoting the development of enterprises, we should repay society.
Enterprise spirit Innovation and dedication, pursuit of excellent business philosophy, customers are God.
People oriented and sincere solidarity
Integrity and cooperation, excellence and multilateral win
To open up is to require all employees to have a pioneering spirit, and constantly strive for new challenges to their potential.
Pragmatism is to be honest and upright, to act truthfully, and only by seeking truth from facts can enterprises develop steadily.
Opportunities and challenges struggle together. Development and retrogression are the same. Only by fighting hard can we create wealth.
business strategy Fairness, justice, openness, safety, convenience, efficiency, integrity, neutrality, standardization, implementation of enterprise famous brand strategy, joint growth of enterprises and employees, and fostering the core competitiveness of enterprises.
Quality we speak with quality, integrity builds brand.
Speed we pursue speed, quick response, and timely meet customer needs.
We are constantly learning and improving, providing customers with the most innovative service system.
We promise to keep our promise and create value while grow with our customers.
Optimize the allocation of resources, develop economies of scale, create learning organizations, enhance enterprise resilience and cooperate with partners to create new values and markets.
Build trust relationship with customers and achieve the goal of maximizing customer interests.
Enterprise morality Always maintain a sense of responsibility towards the community.
Abide by national laws and regulations and social ethics, and create benefits for shareholders, employees, customers and society.
Respecting human rights and environment, striving for the coordinated development of enterprises and society, respecting science, dedication, dedication, honesty, trustworthiness and sound management.
enterprise style Tomorrow's business will be done today to keep the company flexible and mobile.
Thank the society and customers for solving the problem of customers quickly and realizing their dreams together with customers.
Staff motto Creating brand names is a step by step, starting from quality service every day, and listening to thunder in finer places.
With the success of our customers, our success and the success of our employees can lead to the success of the company.
Harmony of interpersonal relationship, militarization of organization and discipline, institutionalization of learning work, and modernization of e-commerce.