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Shanghai ShangHai YinXu Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co. (Ltd.) was founded in 2011, with import trade as its main product, and European and American high-end electromechanical equipment and spare parts serving the domestic manufacturing industry in the early 2011. The company began transformation in 2016, turning to technology companies, providing services to users (technology upgrading and product upgrading substitution). By 2018 and 2019, such businesses accounted for more than 60% of the company, and the upgrading of technology services and product upgrading will be the main business of the company, and the users will be manufacturing enterprises and research institutes.

The technology products developed by the company are mainly divided into two categories, one is: hydraulic products; the two is instrumentation (based on sensor technology flow, pressure, temperature meters, etc.).


Products are concentrated in: high technology content, great potential for upgrading, and have a direct impact on product quality and production efficiency (e.g. sensors, control instruments, automation instead of labor, etc.)


Because of the high technology content of these products, most of the high-end products (domestic and low end) rely on imported European and American products (mainly Germany) to solve them. Many years have come down and many new problems have come up. First, most products need to be replaced after their useful life, and many foreign manufacturers have been upgraded and replaced. Two, with the progress of domestic products in recent years, it can replace imported products, greatly reducing user costs, but we need to know the technical details and complete the safe transition.


After the company transformed into technical services, the original trade business turned to the self developed Internet platform - www.91beijian.com, which is mainly used for the European and American spare parts network platform. The products involve 6 main categories: 1 hydraulic and pneumatic; 2 detection and analysis; 3 electronic and electric power; 4 power and transmission; 5 machine tools, tools; 6 machines and equipment.


The business platform provides search and enquiries for 20 thousand internationally renowned brands, and provides online selection of more than 100 brand products.


Products are widely used in metallurgy, steel, petrochemical, energy, aerospace, container terminals, automobiles, water conservancy, paper making, power plants, textile, injection molding, rubber, medical, food packaging and other fields.


The platform was launched in January 2017, with more than 8000 registered users and more than 500 registered suppliers.

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